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Board members working to fulfill our students desire

We have a dedicated and qualified education counselor Yubaraj Upreti who is Executive Director as well as Senior Qualified Education Agent (QEAC: S114) and Anushuya Adhikari who is qualified education and career counsellor (QEAC: R086) with years of experience having extensive knowledge on visa and application requirements for countries like Australia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, UK, Canada, Finland, and other European countries.

Our Counsellors is an experts at understanding students’ desires and bridging the gap between their wish and their destination.

Australia Team

Our Team-Yubaraj Upreti

Yubaraj Upreti

Executive Director/ Senior Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

Sudip Sharma

Certified PTE Instructor

Niroj Karki

Certified PTE Instructor from Sydney, Australia

Nepal Team

Bivek Pandey

Chief Operating Officer

krijana Duwal

Certified PTE Instructor/ Education Consultant


Management Consultant/ Marketing Communications Manager
Wisecrave Damak Team - Ram Poudel

Ram Poudel

Director@Damak Branch
Wisecrave Damak team - Bimala SHarma Gartoula

Bimala Sharma

Public Relation Officer @ Damak Branch

Anish Chapagain

Manager@ Damak Branch