Sample Documents

Salary Certificate

Salary Certificate is an essential document issued by the organization mentioning all the details of salary, duties, position, and employment period to their employees.

Income Source Certificate

Income Source Certificate is a document issued and verified by the VDC/Municipality officer stating the actual sources of income of the applicant’s Sponsor.

Property Valuation

The certificate includes information of property: the size of land and building, rates, and the financial tie-up with the home country, which is used as collateral for the educational loan from the Bank.

Relationship Certificate with Sponsor

A relationship certificate with the Sponsor is a legal paper issued by the VDC or Municipality, that is required to prove the relationship between parents and their children.

Tax Clearance Certificate

Tax Clearance Certificate is a statement issued by the VDC/Municipality to declare that they are paying all the income and property taxes regularly to the country’s government, and there is no tax remaining to pay.

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Address Change Verification Certificate

This address change verification document is needed for those students whose permanent address and residential address is different.

Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is the official document that records a person’s birth and identifies them by name, date of birth, place.